Kids breakfasts that are made in a jiffy!

Here is the situation – It is 6.30am and you are in the kitchen, your kids are getting ready for school and you have close to about 20 minutes to make breakfast. Quite a common challenge isn’t it? Well, we are here to help. Here are simple kids breakfast recipes that are healthy, quick and tasty – the three musts for every breakfast!

Bread toast and eggs

bread toast and eggs breakfast recipe

If you are into quick breakfasts and want to complete breakfast in a matter of minutes, nothing is as good as scrambled eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and that is important for kids growing up. Eggs make up for plenty of vitamin A, selenium and phosphorous. All in all, it is a perfect start to the morning and can be coupled with a few slices of bread toast.

Ingredients: Two eggs, 1 tbsp of salt, 1 tbsp pepper, 1 tbsp of butter and 4 slices of bread.

Method: Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add a tbsp of water too so that it froths quickly. Add the salt and pepper to taste too and whisk for a good 4-5 minutes. Heat a frying pan and add a little oil or  butter over medium heat. Add the eggs and cook, stirring the mixture repeatedly. In about 3-4 minutes, you would have medium soft eggs that would go great with toasted bread – perfect kids recipe.

Oats & bananas!

oats and bananas breakfast recipe

Yes, you read that right. We all know that oats is a fantastic breakfast idea and makes a perfect start to the day, it has a load of essential vitamins and minerals. Since it is high in fibre, it helps in losing weight and lowering cholesterol too. It keeps you fuller for longer too, hence reducing cravings for food.

Ingredients: 2 sliced bananas, half a cup of milk, 2 bowls of oats, 1 tbsp honey

Method: Mix the oats in a bowl with little water. Cook it and stir it frequently till the mixture thickens. You can add a little sugar or even jaggery to make it taste better too. Blend the milk, bananas and honey together to make a paste. Once blended completely, mix with the hot oats and enjoy after cooling. Not only is it a tasty preparation, but is really quick breakfast recipe too.

Bread Utthapam

bread uttapam breakfast recipe

This is favourite among many kids and does not require a lot of planning or preparation either. It adds variety to your list of breakfast items and is a perfect school snack too.

Ingredients: Brown bread – 4 slices, semolina – half cup, curd – half cup, maida – 1 tbsp, water – half cup, rice flour – 1tbsp, onion – 3 tbsp chopped, carrot – 2tbsp grated, tomato – 1 tbsp, 1 tbsp of coriander leaves that are chopped and salt to taste.

Method: slice or tear the bread into small or medium sizes. Put the bread pieces, curd, semolina, ginger paste, rice flour, maida and water into a blender and make it to a fine paste. Once this is made into a fine paste, pour it into a bowl. It should not be too thick too, if so, add a little more water and blend some more. Add the grated carrots, tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves. Mix for a few minutes. Heat a tawa and put a little butter on it just like you would for a dosa. About half a tsp of oil should for the whole tawa as you add the batter on it, heat it for about 60 seconds before adding half tsp of oil and flipping the dosa! Cook it until it turns golden brown in colour. Serve this with chutney or curd, is an amazingly healthy kids breakfast and quick for you to prepare too!


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