Hyderabad is the perfect spot for bike rides!

If you have been longing for a bike ride from Hyderabad this weekend, it could not have been at a better time. The weather is absolutely perfect and there are so many places to choose from within a short radius. Do not get us wrong, Hyderabad is a beautiful city too, but there is only so much of Nizam architecture you want to take on a daily basis and maybe a bike ride to rejuvenate yourself might be a good idea. Here are the top few places you can visit over the weekend and have a really amazing time.

1. Warangal: This should be one of the first places you head out to visit when you have your bike ready. Approximately 140km away from Hyderabad, you have brilliant roads to take you the distance. You should be able to reach in about 2.5 hours and there are plenty of sights to visit too. The Warangal fort and the star shaped pillar temple are must visit destinations and there are many lakes present too. The journey has scenic views and the ride is pleasant to say the least. A must-do bike trip from Hyderabad!

2. Mahabaleshwar: A great place to visit if you live near Hyderabad is Mahabaleshwar, it is just about 580km away and while it is not as cold as Ooty, the scenic beauty is just phenomenal. The key is to go during the monsoons or just post-monsoon so that you would be able to see the lakes and waterfalls in full swing, October would be the apt month. There are good roads on the way and quite a few places to visit. Pratapgarh fort is one of the best locations in Mahabaleshwar and there is a perfect spot near river Koyna to camp for long. There are also small lakes near Panchgani that would be good places to spend a quiet evening. Venna lake is a must visit too during the monsoon too. A bike trip to Mahabaleshwar or a bike trip to Panchgani guarantees great food along with great memories too.
3. Mahabubnagar: Just about 110km away from Hyderabad is Mahabubnagar, a distance that can be covered in just about 2 hours. You have many religious and ancient sites to visit and you would get some really good photographs there. Don’t forget to visit Mallela Theertham waterfalls too if you are visiting Mahabubnagar.

4. Adilabad: Just about 300km from Hyderabad comes Adilabad and there are just too many historical monuments and temples present to give it a miss. The Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls are just majestic to see and there are many wildlife sanctuaries like the Kawal, Pranahitha and Shivaram sanctuaries. Each of them is going to give you a full day activity and there’s plenty of fun there.

5. Bidar: Last and probably the best on the list is a location called Bidar that is in Karnataka, it is one of the main attractions of the state and is just about 150km away from Hyderabad. It is a serene and quiet place that would give you a high dose of Indian culture. There are too many picturesque locations and you can be sure of getting a few perfect photographs. Bahmani tombs, Choukhandi and Bidar fort are the main places to visit. You should make it a point to try the local food too; they’re known to be really lip-smacking good.

Setting out on a bike ride could be the best thing you can do to rejuvenate yourself. You would come back with a lot of energy and plenty to cheer about. Most people living in Hyderabad boast about the great locations to visit, make a check list and start ticking locations away. If you have been thinking about a way to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, put on your helmet, get your riding shoes on and zoom away!


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